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About the EconMAP Team page title icon About the EconMAP Team

Economics Team

User Image of Mark Sturton, Ph.D.

Mark Sturton, Ph.D.


Dr. Mark Sturton has pursued a career in the macroeconomics of small developing nations predominantly in the Pacific Island region. In Lesotho he has been the team leader of the DIMMoL project designed to assist the government in the development of a set of economic models to improve budget formulation, economic management and policy making.

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User Image of Kevin O’Keefe

Kevin O’Keefe


Kevin O'Keefe had a 22-year career in economic development from 1982-2004, starting as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Samoa and later working in 18 countries as an economic adviser. He specialized in macroeconomic policy, international trade and development finance.

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User Image of Emil Friberg, Ph.D.

Emil Friberg, Ph.D.


Dr. Emil Friberg is an economist who supports special projects and publications for the EconMAP program. In addition to his work with EconMAP, Emil also serves as an adjunct professor at Georgetown University where he teaches a seminar on Pacific Island issues. He retired in 2021 from the U.S. Government Accountability Office where he was an assistant director and senior economist.

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User Image of Glenn Mckinlay

Glenn Mckinlay


Glenn McKinlay serves as the statistician for the EconMAP program. He has pursued a career in economic and social statistics, including collection, processing, analysis and dissemination. Glenn works closely with the statistics offices of the Freely Associated States to publish annual updates and build capacity.

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User Image of Michael Barsabal

Michael Barsabal


Michael Barsabal is a statistician at EconMAP, specializing in economic statistics, national accounting, and input-output analysis. Before joining the program, he worked as a Division Chief and Economist at the Philippine Department of Finance (DOF), providing policy advice and technical support in analyzing emerging fiscal issues and other global, regional, and sectoral developments in the country. At the DOF, Michael led the construction of the Philippine Input-Output Table and production of real-time indicators to monitor the fiscal impact of various legislative proposals.

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User Image of Sander Tromp

Sander Tromp


Sander is a statistician with the EconMAP team, hailing from the Netherlands. His academic background includes two graduate degrees in policy analysis from Maastricht University and the University of Oxford. Sander's professional experience is marked by an ODI Fellowship with the government of Malawi, where he worked at the National Statistical Office, focusing on the Census of Economic Activities. He also served at Statistics Netherlands, where his work centered on social protection statistics and taxation. His early roles at the European Commission in Brussels and the International Labour Organization in Manila provided a foundation in social policy, which now informs his work in economic statistics.

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User Image of Niuatui Niuatui

Niuatui Niuatui


Niuatui is our Country Economist for the Republic of the Marshall Islands under our capacity building project for the Northern Pacific, funded by the Asian Development Bank. He is also our Country Team Leader for the project. A Tuvalu national, he brings to our Team 19 years of public service experience. His latest assignment was with the World Bank Group as an Advisor to the Executive Director (2022-2024). In this role, he advised Executive Directors on matters related to the budgets of all World Bank institutions including independent agencies of the World Bank. He also provided technical support to the Pacific Representative to the grant facility of the Bank - the International Development Association (IDA).

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User Image of Georgina Conway

Georgina Conway


Georgina is our Country Economist for the Republic of Palau under our capacity building project for the North Pacific, funded by the Asia Development Bank. A British national, Georgina started off her career in HM Treasury (the UK’s Ministry of Finance) in the Fiscal Directorate. She was the founding member of the Balance Sheet Analysis Unit where she built a database for monitoring contingent liabilities and collaborated with functions across government to design and roll out the UK’s PFM reform priority concerning management of fiscal risks and government guarantees.

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User Image of Lauren Johnston

Lauren Johnston


Lauren is our Country Economist for the Federated States of Micronesia under our capacity building project for the Northern Pacific, funded by the Asian Development Bank. She is also our Country Team Leader for the project. An Australian national, she brings to our Team two decades of experience in economic and international development policy and in the education sector.

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