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PITI-VITI Conferences


The Association of Pacific Islands Public Auditors (APIPA) is a forum made up of public auditors from each of the Pacific insular areas. The Association holds annual conferences to discuss issues related to the field of auditing and to provide practitioners an opportunity to attain continuing professional education required by the field. Since it's inception in 1991, PITI-VITI has provided auditors with the opportunity to attain up to 40 hours of continuing professional education (CPE) credits annually. By providing training during the annual APIPA conference and providing targeted audit training at each insular jurisdiction, PITI-VITI plays a critical role in working with APIPA to strengthen institutional support to the various public audit offices in the region.


Since 2000, PITI-VITI has supported the efforts of the Island Government Finance Officers' Association (IGFOA), a professional organization comprised of the Chief Financial Officers of each insular government and their associates. In addition to arranging for IGFOA members to participate in the annual Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) Conference, PITI-VITI works with IGFOA to highlight best practices in the insular governments and to serve as a conduit for resource sharing. IGFOA gatherings enable the insular government finance community to discuss common challenges they face and identify successful best practices and strategies to address problems. PITI-VITI also takes advantage of IGFOA meetings to deliver professional development seminars on leadership skills and team building in the finance environment.

Other Conferences

From time to time, the Graduate School and Pacific and Virgin Islands Training Initiatives provide technical and logistical support to conferences. In the past, this has included supporting such organizations as DOI, CDC, and NOAA, to name a few. Information on conferences such as these will be listed here as they become available.