Will I get an advance?
Travel advances will be processed by default for consultants. The consultant will be provided an 80% advance per diem, which is estimated hotel plus meals & incidental expenses as authorized by existing federal laws and regulations at time of travel.

Do I need to keep receipts?
Yes. Required receipts include those for hotel bills, taxi, photocopying, faxes, official telephone calls, postage, airport departure tax, and any other out of pocket expenses valued at $15 or higher. Car rental reimbursement is only allowed if pre-authorized by the Graduate School, USDA. Receipts are not required for any meals or incidental expenses. All required receipts must be submitted within two weeks of the contract completion date. Used airline ticket stubs and boarding passes are also required for submission.

Are international telephone calls home a reimbursable expense?
Personal telephone calls can be claimed following Department of the Interior (DOI) regulations. DOI permits one (1) five minute call to a residence every other day, the first call being made upon arrival at the first destination of the trip. The consultant must submit an itemized telephone bill which includes telephone number called, total number of minutes, and charge.

How is reimbursement calculated?
A reimbursement worksheet will be prepared by a staff member and, upon request, shared with the instructor. The worksheet will be calculated as follows: (a) Adjusted per diem. Add the hotel rate paid to the allotted money for meals and incidental expenses. If the real per diem cost is less than the maximum (estimated) per diem allowed, the real per diem cost is the adjusted per diem. If the real per diem cost is greater than the maximum per diem allowed, the consultant can only claim the maximum per diem. (b) Total per diem. Multiply the adjusted per diem by the number of nights the consultant stayed at each site. If the consultant does not have a hotel receipt, but was on-site (validated by airline ticket), the consultant may be reimbursed for meals & incidental expenses only. (c) Additional expenses include things such as taxis, postage, photocopying, airport departure tax, and other out of pocket expenses. (d) Amount owed to traveler. Add the adjusted total per diem allowed and the total additional expenses. Subtract the 80% advanced per diem.

What type of immunizations should I have prior to travel?
The United States Department of State maintains current country information for all of the Pacific islands at http://travel.state.gov. In addition, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) maintain lists of recommended immunizations at http://wwwn.cdc.gov/travel/.

Do I need a Country Clearance from the U.S. Embassy in order to travel?
Because the Graduate School, USA is not a government agency country clearances are not required to travel to the Federated States of Micronesia, the Republic of the Marshall Islands or the Republic of Palau. However, PITI-VITI staff will send a courtesy e-mail to the U.S. embassies in those countries to make them aware of your visit and associated activities.

Will I have medical and/or evacuation insurance?
PITI-VITI will provide MedEx insurance for all official travel to the Pacific and Virgin Islands. For more information on the insurance we provide, please visit http://www.medexassist.com.

Where can I get a template to submit an invoice for payment?
PITI-VITI keeps a template invoice on the PITI-VITI website, https://pitiviti.org. Just look under training > instructor resources.