The Pacific and Virgin Islands Training Initaitves work collaboratively with the insular governments to develop training curricula based on detailed needs assessment and performance analysis to ensure that participant learning needs are met. An effective learning framework is based on leading-edge adult learning principals that respect the learner, ensure participant and trainer collaboration, are grounded in experiential learning, rely on practical problem-solving techniques, afford critical reflection and empower the learner.

Strategies are employed to ensure that Pacific-based resources are utilized to the greatest extent possible, while drawing on resources and expertise from outside the region when required. The program also strives to enhance the capacity of local organizations to provide public administration training programs designed to meet the development needs of the public sector workforce.

Over the course of the program, and based on prior experience with the insular governments, PITI-VITI training has evolved from addressing not only the learning needs of government employees, but to assisting in changing and improving performance. As such, training is one tool among many, designed to link organizational and individual performance goals. Training is demand-driven and reflects the competency needs of the organization, with learning results tied to the performance of the organization.