The Island Government Finance Officers’ Association (IGFOA) has met at least annually every year since 1999 to participate in professional development and networking activities and to establish an agenda for financial management improvement. The conferences also provide a forum for participants to discuss common issues and strategies, and to develop a shared agenda for training, organizational development, and technical assistance.

This year’s winter conference presented trainings on developing effective corrective action plans, acquiring a new financial management information system (FMIS) and obstacles to measuring performance. In addition, participants were updated on new GASB accounting standards. Finally, the forum provided each participating government with the opportunity to update their government-specific action plans to address ongoing issues, including audit performance, new accounting standards, FMIS procurement and finance office performance measurement.

The agenda for the conference was developed following feedback from previous conferences, and current issues in government accounting. The goals of the December 2017 IGFOA conference were to:

  • Share the status of each government’s single audits, finance office operations and performance measures, and other initiatives completed since the May 2017 IGFOA conference in Denver;
  • Present and discuss best practices in single audit improvement, finance office performance improvement, FMIS systems acquisitions; government process improvement, and fiscal planning;
  • Exchange information on the latest Performeter analysis;
  • Build government-specific plans to implement new GASB standards, enhance finance office performance measures, prepare for FMIS acquisition, improve government processes, utilize tools for fiscal planning and debt reduction, and continue corrective action planning for single audits.

The 2018 IGFOA participants represented all of the US-affiliated insular areas.

Click here to download theIGFOA Winter 2017 Conference Report