Since 2000, the summer meeting of the Island Government Financial Officers’ Association (IGFOA) has immediately followed the annual conference of the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA). The theme for the 111th Annual Conference of the GFOA was “Measuring and Developing Your Workforce”. This theme was carried into the 2017 Summer IGFOA Conference, where best practices across the insular governments were explored among working professionals.

The objectives of the 2016 Summer IGFOA Meeting were to:

  • Review key issues and ideas presented during the GFOA Conference and discuss how they apply to the insular governments;
  • Review the progress of the insular government’s single audits and attempts to measure finance office performance;
  • Review and discuss finance office best practices employed by finance office practitioners from the city of Denver, Colorado and city of Arvada, Colorado;
  • Review internal controls fraud assessment from the perspective of the Department of the Interior’s Office of the Inspector General;
  • Review forthcoming GASB standards applicable to IGFOA members and required preparation; and
  • Build government specific action plans to address single audit improvement, enhance finance office grant related process improvement, measure financial office performance, and prepare for implementation of new GASB standards.

Click here to download theIGFOA Summer 2017 Conference Report