Since 2000, the summer meeting of the Island Government Financial Officers’ Association (IGFOA) has immediately followed the annual conference of the Government Finance Officers Association. The theme for the 106th Annual Conference of the GFOA was “Winds of Change: Public Finance in Transition.” Several components of these ‘Winds of Change’ affect staff in insular area finance offices–greater accountability and transparency, stress on performance management and improvement, new GASB standards and requirements and their application in government finance, and increased fiscal austerity and the impacts it has on staff and operations. The summer 2012 IGFOA conference focused on these ‘Winds of Change’ and their effects on the government finance offices.

  • Review key issues and ideas presented during the GFOA Conference and discuss how they apply to the insular governments;
  • Provide the Finance Directors and Managers with management skills intended to engage their employees in finance office initiatives;
  • Review the progress of the insular government’s single audits and attempts to measure finance office performance;
  • Review recent GASB announcements and requirements with particular attention to GASB-54 implementation plans;
  • Analyze options for implementing government austerity measures; and
  • Build government specific plans to address single audit improvement, enhance finance office performance measures and process improvement, develop strategies for engaging employees in
    the office and, and develop and implement austerity measures.

Click here to download theIGFOA Summer 2012 Conference Report