FY10 Performeter Reports have been released for nine insular areas.  These Performeters are based on the FY10 financial statements, and include American Samoa, FSM, Guam, and the Marshalls Islands. In addition, the Virgin Islands’ 2009 Performeter has also been released. FY10 Performeters for the CNMI and Republic of Palau will be calculated once the FY10 auits are released.

Download the Performeters at the links below:

The Performeter is an analytical tool that takes a government’s financial statements and converts them into useful and understandable measures of financial performance. The Performeter uses financial ratios and a copyrighted analysis methodology to arrive at an overall rating of 1-10, which indicates the overall financial health and performance of a government.

Since 2002, PITI-VITI has been developing Performeters annually for each of the insular areas. As a result, multiple years of cumulative data is now available for each government. In addition to being able to track overall scores, the Performeter can also be used to track individual trends withinratios: Net Assets, Fund Balances, Revenue Dispersion, Intergenerational Equity, etc.