The December 2009 IGFOA conference was held in Wailea, Maui, Hawaii from December 8 to December 10. The goals of the December 2009 IGFOA conference were to:

  1. Provide IGFOA members the information needed, and opportunity, to conduct a self-assessment/risk assessment of their own finance offices;
  2. Build government-specific plans to address the risks identified in the self-assessment;
  3. Exchange information on the latest Performeter analysis and accounting standards changes; (4) Provide training to IGFOA members in procurement, accounting best practices, and management/leadership;
  4. Discuss current hot topics—key issues affecting OIA, OIA’s new strategic plan, ARRA implementation, reporting and accounting requirements, receivership and high-risk programs.

Click here to download theIGFOA Winter 2009 Conference Report