The Island Government Finance Officers’ Association Spring Conference Report is now available.  The IGFOA met in Seattle, Washington, in June, 2009.

Since 2000, the summer meeting of the Island Government Financial Officers’ Association (IGFOA) has immediately followed the annual conference of the Government Finance Officers Association.  This year the conferences were held in Seattle, Washington from June 28th to July 2nd, 2009.  The theme of the GFOA conference was “Financial Strategies for Challenging Times” and the IGFOA built on that theme with the following objectives:

  • Follow up on discussions held in December 2008 for developing strategies for recruiting and retaining qualified professional financial staff;
  • Develop strategies for managing and reporting American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) funds;
  • Review progress and plan for next steps on key financial initiatives:  the Audit Improvement Project, Executive Leadership Development Program, and Finance Office Assessment Tool;  and
  • Develop action plans to address each government’s highest priority issues in improving their performance.

The IGFOA agenda was ambitious for the short day and half that was available.  However, the IGFOA participants took full advantage of the opportunity to participate in professional development and networking activities and to work with their peers on common issues and strategies.  IGFOA members also found it beneficial to have the 3 representatives from the Department of Interior Office of Insular Affairs available to hear and understand the finance offices’ challenges and successes and to discuss shared training, capacity building and technical assistance needs.

Click here to download theIGFOA 2009 Conference Report