Republic of the Marshall IslandsRepublic of the Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands, east of the Carolines, are divided into two chains: the western, or Ralik, group, including the atolls Jaluit, Kwajalein, Wotho, Bikini, and Eniwetok; and the eastern, or Ratak, group, including the atolls Mili, Majuro, Maloelap, Wotje, and Likiep. The Republic of the Marshall islands consists of 29 atolls, each made up of approximately 1,225 islets and islands in the central Pacific. The islands are of the coral-reef type and rise only a few feet above sea level. The Marshall Islands comprise an area slightly larger than Washington, DC. 63,000 (July, 2008 est.) people live in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Complete information on the Marshall Islands is available here.

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