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Thanks to those of you who were able to join us at the Department of the Interior for this public seminar. Complete information on the seminar has been included below. You can also download digital copies of the Graduate School USA's EconMAP presentation, as well as the World Bank presentation, through the links below. Please feel free to contact us at with any additional questions or concerns.

EconMAP Presentation

World Bank Presentation

About the Presentation

The U.S. Department of the Interior's Office of Insular Affairs invites individuals and officials with an interest in the Freely Associated States of the Federated States of Micronesia, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, and the Republic of Palau, to join us for a public presentation and discussion:

  U.S. Department of the Interior, 1849 C Street NW, Washington, DC 20240.
   Main Interior Building, South Penthouse (7th Floor)
 Wednesday, October 18, 2017 [GCAL]
 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Session I. Policies and Performance in the Freely Associated States

EconMAP economists working in the North Pacific since the mid-1990s will share their findings and observations on the economies of the three Freely Associated States. Trends for key economic indicators from FY2000 to FY2016 will be presented for each country. In addition to their analysis of those performance trends, Dr. Mark Sturton and Mr. Kevin O’Keefe will provide analysis on the status of key fiscal and economic policy indicators for each of the nations. Looking forward, they will also share economic modelling projections and comment on opportunities to improve growth prospects as each nation prepares for looming changes to their economic assistance arrangements with the United States.

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About EconMAP

The United States Department of the Interior’s Office of Insular Affairs has supported efforts to develop a full set of economic statistics in collaboration with the FSM and RMI since 2006, and with Palau since 2011. The Economic Monitoring and Analysis Program (EconMAP) produces annual economic reviews and statistical bulletins which cover a time period for the FSM & RMI from FY86-FY16, and for Palau from FY00-FY16. EconMAP is managed by the Graduate School USA’s Pacific Islands Training Initiative. Learn more at

Session II. Pacific Possible (with a Focus on the Freely Associated States)

Pacific Possible is a World Bank program of research and dialogue which looks at genuinely transformative opportunities that exist for Pacific Island countries over the next 25 years and identifies the region’s biggest challenges. Dr. Robert Utz will present the findings of Pacific Possible, which provide governments and policy-makers with specific insights into what each area could mean for the economy, for employment, for government income and spending. Making the most of these opportunities will require narrowly focused policy reforms and investments, strengthening of human resources, sound environmental management, and collaboration not only between Pacific Island Governments, but also with neighboring countries on the Pacific Rim.

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About the World Bank

With 189 member countries, staff from more than 170 countries, and offices in over 130 locations, the World Bank Group is a unique global partnership: five institutions working for sustainable solutions that reduce poverty and build shared prosperity in developing countries. Learn more at

Resource Documents

The following resource documents are of immediate relevance to the presentations on October 18, 2017.

EconMAP Resource Documents

World Bank Resource Documents