PITI-VITI project staff bring extensive Pacific-based experience in human resource development, public sector financial management and project management. This experience helps ensure that the development and conduct of training reflect the requirements of participating government organizations and employees. In addition to the primary managers listed below, the Graduate School has a staff of 350 and more than 1,200 consultants whose expertise has been demonstrated in effectively implementing programs for virtually every federal government agency. Specifically, the Graduate School's Honolulu Office maintains extensive resources in facilitators with Pacific experience, and can readily reach out to insular communities to augment these resources.

Jack Maykoski

Jack MaykoskiJACK MAYKOSKI is Senior Executive for the Graduate School’s Office of the President. In addition to his other responsibilities, Jack oversees the Graduate School's International Institute. With over 25 years in the international development field (including many years living and working in the Pacific region), Mr. Maykoski has extensive experience leading results-oriented public administration capacity building programs and providing technical assistance in many regions of the world.

Stephen Latimer

Stephen LatimerSTEPHEN LATIMER serves as senior program manager for the Pacific and Virgin Islands Training Initiatives (PITI-VITI). He has worked throughout the Pacific for over twenty years and is well-versed in organizational development and training services. Stephen holds a masters degree in public policy and management. He has worked with numerous federal agencies and Pacific Islands governments in the design and management of development and training programs.

Jason Aubuchon

Jason AubuchonJASON AUBUCHON joined PITI-VITI as a program manager in 2005. Jason lived in Micronesia for seven years, working with both governmental and non-governmental organizations in a regional capacity. Previously, Jason served as the Assistant Director of Pohnpei-based Micronesian Seminar, and was a columnist and contributor to Pacific Magazine. Jason maintains an in-depth familiarity with the Pacific region, and continues to address devleopment issues through the region.

Judy Perry

Judith PerryJUDY PERRY works as an office manager and training specialist for PITI-VITI.

Lee Malczon

Lee MalczonLEE MALCZON is PITI-VITI's program assistant, providing administrative support to the office.