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eldp-white Jenny Seymour

Kosrae participant location , Kosrae

70 participant detail photo of Jenny Seymour
A native from the islands of Chuuk and Kosrae, Jenny P. Seymour grew up with both her mother's strong-willed influence and her father's patient character. She earned an Associate of Arts in Micronesian Studies at the College of Micronesia-FSM and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science at the University of Guam. As a Personnel Specialist for the Kosrae State Government, Jenny's job deals with more than 500 employees for the state government of Kosrae. As it relates to Human Resources Management, Jenny's job is to oversee the Classification and Compensation Manual to determine the appropriate job description and pay level for each respective position in the Kosrae State Government. Jenny receives all incoming personnel actions and reviews each action to make sure they are in compliance with the Kosrae State Public Service System Regulation and Kosrae State Codes.

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