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eldp-white Mark Rabauliman

CNMI participant location , CNMI

67 participant detail photo of Mark Rabauliman
Mark Rabauliman holds the unique title of Registrar of Corporations for the Office of the Registrar section in the CNMI Department of Commerce. In this capacity Mark registers and licenses all Domestic, Foreign, Limited Liability and Non Profit Corporations plus Partnerships both general and limited for the entire CNMI. Mark's office holds as custodian all certificates, papers, statements, or other records of documents required for corporate entities. Mark is also a member of the Department of Commerce grants team, energy marshal, foreign investors review committee, and a junior achievement mentor for Saipan Southern High School students. Mark is also responsible for the maintenance of the department website, setting policy and procedures for the department's acceptable use of it's computers and internet. CNMI Governor Benigno Fitial recently appointed Mark to serve on the Commonwealth Council for Arts and Culture, and the Commonwealth Library Board of Directors respectively on a voluntary basis. Mark completed his Associate Arts Degree from Walla Walla Community College and studied Management Information Systems in Business Administration at Washington State University.

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