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eldp-white Eunice Akiwo

Palau participant location , Palau

66 participant detail photo of Eunice Akiwo
Eunice Akiwo serves as Director for the Republic Palau's Bureau of Domestic Affairs, Ministry of State. Eunice has worked for the Bureau for over eleven years, starting her tenure as an Administrative Officer. As Director, Eunice is responsible for the leadership and strategic direction of the Bureau as well as implementation of national programs through her roles served in various national working committees, task forces and community organizations. As Director, Eunice has been responsible for managing adequate resources to ensure the Bureau's function is implemented in a manner that is productive, timely and efficient to the organization and the community. Additionally, Eunice is responsible for facilitating and coordinating public policy direction from Palau's executive office to the sixteen (16) state communities through programs and continuous engagement with the communities. A public repository for all the Executive and Legislative Branch documents, the Bureau of Domestic Affairs acts as a conduit agency between the Government and civil society for policy direction. Eunice was appointed through an Executive Order by the President of the Republic of Palau in 2011 to assume the role of Administering Authority in the state of Ngatpang, one of the 16 states in the Republic of Palau. In her role as an Interim Governor, Eunice has the day-to-day authority to manage and direct the Ngatpang State Government which includes supervisory oversight of five additional executive staff.

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