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eldp-white Rima Yamagishi

CNMI participant location , CNMI

53 participant detail photo of Rima Yamagishi
Rima Yamagishi serves as an Internal Auditor of the Northern Mariana Islands Retirement Fund (NMIRF). In her capacity, Rima is responsible for performing internal audits, reviews, and evaluations of the programs and operations of the Fund. She participates in the preparation and serves a major role in the achievement of the Fund's annual internal audit plan. In addition, Rima conducts audits of retirees' records in order to ensure eligibility requirements are met and that members pensions are accurately computed. Within the first year of working with the NMIRF, Rima was able to conduct an audit of over 200 member files in the audit of the underpayment of contributions. As a result of this audit, the NMIRF was able to recoup significant amounts of monies due the Fund. As an Internal Auditor, Rima is also responsible for ensuring that external audit reports and findings are addressed and resolved by management as quickly and effectively as possible. Prior to moving to Hawaii to further her education, Rima worked for the Northern Marianas College Budget Office where she assisted with the budget process and was responsible for the tracking of each department's quarterly allotted budgets. Rima attended Chaminade University of Honolulu in Hawaii where she received her MBA with an emphasis in Accounting in December 2008. Shortly after graduation, Rima returned to the CNMI in the hopes to one day make positive changes as a leader in government.

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