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eldp-white Kizma L. Petersen

Virgin Islands participant location , Virgin Islands

207 participant detail photo of Kizma L. Petersen

Kizma L. Petersen is a Contract Specialist at the Department of Property and Procurement, the local Virgin Islands Government entity where she has worked - in several capacities - her entire 15+ year career.

Kizma's journey in the government began as an intern in 2003 and has continued to roles with increasing influence and responsibility. She's led the inspection team responsible for the fixed assets inventory throughout the entire government as the department's Personal Property Inventory Lead and managed the day-to-day operations of the Commissioner's Office as the Executive Assistant to the Commissioner. In each role, she's grown as an efficient, effective, and thoughtful leader.

Colleagues seek Kizma out for mentorship, advisement, and encouragement, depend greatly on her knowledge of the department, interpersonal relationships, and her expanding expertise in the field of procurement. In addition to contract drafting, management, and review, Kizma currently serves on the department's Evaluation Committee, which is tasked with selecting eligible vendors for the government to do business with, ensuring compliance with local and federal laws and mandates. Kizma takes ownership of strategic initiatives throughout her division and consistently executes with precision and passion. She proactively seeks feedback and learning opportunities and is eager to continue to develop the skills needed to cultivate success at the Department Property and Procurement and the local community.

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