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eldp-white Malie Tarbwillin

RMI participant location , RMI

190 participant detail photo of Malie Tarbwillin

Malie Tarbwillin is currently the Assistant Secretary for the Division of International Development Assistance (DIDA), under the Ministry of Finance, Banking and Postal Services in the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI). Prior to assuming her current role in 2018, Malie served as an Aid Coordinator in DIDA.

As Assistant Secretary, Ms. Tarbwillin is responsible for aid oversight and coordination within the government and with external development partners, including the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Union Commission, and the German Government. The portfolio that DIDA oversees exceeds $250M USD. Ms. Tarbwillin works closely with high-level government officials as well as technical experts in the various aid projects.

Malie is both a proud civil servant and active member of her community. She works with local government councils to bring changes to her communities through small projects. She has written grant proposals for the outer islands and is in the process of drafting another proposal for her local community. Her dedication and motivation to not only her career but also to making a difference as a contributing member of her community is what is most admired by her colleagues and friends.

Malie earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Entrepreneurship, with an emphasis in Finance and Economics, from Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, Arizona. When she is not working, she enjoys being with family and friends. She also participated in the Micronesian Olympic Games on the RMI Olympic volleyball team and continues to play in a community league.

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