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eldp-white Inouefich Shomour

Chuuk participant location , Chuuk

183 participant detail photo of Inouefich Shomour

Inouefich (Inou) Shomour is the Operations Manager at the newly established Chuuk Community Health Centers (CCHC). She oversees daily management of the CCHC to ensure compliance as well as effective and efficient provision of mandated services. Ms. Shomour has been instrumental in implementing changes revolving around health centers in the local communities and proper maintenance of the clinic facilities and premises, including the Central Office.

Prior to working at the Chuuk CHC, Inou was employed by the University of Hawaii Cancer Center responsible for the implementation healthy interventions in all of Chuuk State. She provided translation and interpretation services over the phone to local people living on the mainland who have limited English proficiency.

Inou graduated from Xavier High School and is currently taking online courses towards a degree in the Health Management field with the Fiji National University.

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