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eldp-white Gaafar Uherbelau

Palau participant location , Palau

180 participant detail photo of Gaafar Uherbelau

Gaafar J. Uherbelau is a public health professional from the Republic of Palau. He has served in the public sector for over a decade, working with communities to promote wellness and address emerging and re-emerging health issues. A graduate of the University of Auckland, he currently oversees the Health Policy, Research, and Development Office of the Palau Ministry of Health (MOH), tasked with overseeing health communication, health research, and policy development activities. Throughout his career with the MOH, Mr. Uherbelau also served as a Grant Coordinator and Public Information and Liaison Officer during disasters and emergencies, including serving most recently as Liaison Officer and Deputy Incident Commander for the Ministry's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Outside of the health sector, Mr. Uherbelau serves on the Palau National Scholarship Board, and currently chairs the Central Branch Governing Board of Palau Red Cross Society. In 2019 Mr. Uherbelau was selected as the first from Palau to join the inaugural class of the Obama Foundation Leaders: Asia-Pacific Program.

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