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eldp-white Bradford Mori

FSM participant location , FSM

176 participant detail photo of Bradford Mori

Bradford Mori currently serves as the acting director of the Chuuk Environmental Protection Agency, as well as chairman of the FSM Climate Change Country Team (FSM-CCT). With limited capacity in the islands, it is imperative that public servants take on various responsibilities assigned by the principals of government. Thus, Bradford has embraced multiple roles given to him because it builds his professional capacity and also nurtures his awareness of and insights into the challenges of his island communities.

As chairman of the FSM-CCT, Mr. Mori has represented the nation in climate change negotiations in many parts of the world under the United Nations Climate Change Convention (UNFCCC) -- notably the accomplishment of the Paris Agreement. He has also served as coordinator for two years for the Alliance of Small Island States in Mitigation, Clean Development Mechanism and Joint Implementation. Locally, he is involved in developing and implementing community projects and has a keen interest in protecting the most vulnerable people from environmental impacts and disasters.

Mr. Mori holds a Bachelor's degree in Geography, with a Certificate in Environmental Physical Science, from the University of Hawaii at Hilo; and a Master's degree in Global Environmental Studies from Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan.

Apart from above, Bradford is a "local boy" who likes to fish, farm and play sports. He respects his culture and customs and, most importantly, loves spending time with his family.

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