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eldp-white Roxalyn Kaminanga

Chuuk participant location , Chuuk

153 participant detail photo of Roxalyn Kaminanga

Roxalyn Kaminanga is an accountant at the Chuuk State Finance Office, where she has served since 2013.  One of her major responsibilities is the obligation and certification of transactions for the state. Her section is responsible for ensuring that transactions are in compliance with rules and regulations. She also assists with cash management for local and federal accounts.   Aside from her formal duties, she serves as the finance officer for Udot Youth Alliance, an organization that aims to decrease underage drinking and the use of other drugs. In the evenings, she works at Caroline College and Pastoral Institute (CCPI) as a teaching assistant for students in the Bachelor’s program.

Roxalyn earned her BA degree in Business Administration at Mount Mary University (formerly known as Mount Mary College), where leadership and service are built into the curriculum.  She is a native daughter of Chuuk who appreciates serving her island government.  Her commitment to serving others and eagerness to learn continues to be the basis of the development of her professional career.

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