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Lover Haimin comes from the tiny island of Ta in the Mortlocks region of Chuuk State in the Federated States of Micronesia. Currently, he serves as the Human Resources (HR) and Facilities Manager at Federated States of Micronesia Development Bank (FSMDB). In this capacity, Lover assists the President/CEO of the Bank to implement the administrative and personnel policies and procedures pertaining to employees and facilities to ensure that the objectives of the bank are accomplished efficiently and effectively. Prior to joining the bank, Lover was with the FSM National Government Office of the National Public Auditor (ONPA) in Palikir, Pohnpei, as Administrative Assistant and Officer, and then as an Auditor.

Lover earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Management and Public Administration with a minor in History and Politics from the University of the South Pacific in Fiji. Lover also studied and earned a two-year degree at the College of Micronesia-FSM, Palikir in Micronesian Studies.

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