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eldp-white Inson Namper

Chuuk participant location , Chuuk

11 participant detail photo of Inson Namper
For the past five years, Inson has worked as a Foreign Investment Supervisor at the Department of Commerce and Industry in Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia. In addition to managing the Foreign Investment Program's annual budget, Inson is responsible for creating an environment within the state that is conducive to the positive development of the private sector, including the actual recruitment of foreign investors to Chuuk. In this capacity Inson works with a foreign investment committee to review and award foreign investment permits to outside companies. Inson attended Eastern Oregon University in La Grande, Oregon, where he majored in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. At a time when many young Micronesians with college degrees have left the islands to live and work abroad, Inson committed to return home and work for change within the Chuuk government. In addition to government work Inson is also actively involved with several youth groups in Chuuk.

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