Kemsky Sigrah

Kemsky Sigrah currently serves as the Assistant Director for Compact Management within the Office of Statistics, Budget & Economic Management, Overseas Development Assistance, and Compact Management (SBOC) in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM). In this capacity, Kemsky serves as the primary point of contact for the FSM on all Compact-related matters. Prior to this position, Kemsky served as a Compact Sectors Specialist for the Compact Management Division in the Office of SBOC, working closely with both the Department of Interior's Office of Insular Affairs and the FSM States and National Government Departments on Compact-related matters. Prior to migrating from Kosrae to Pohnpei, Kemsky served in various capacities at the Kosrae Department of Education as a Professional Standards Officer, a Program Evaluator, a Curriculum Specialist, and a Program Coordinator. Kemsky is a graduate of Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana and the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Kemsky is an avid tennis player, and when he is not on the court he likes to spend his free time with his family.

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