Catalino Kijiner

Catalino works with the Ministry of Education in the Republic of the Marshall Islands as the Director of Budget and Finance. In this capacity, Catalino is responsible for planning and executing the Ministry's annual Portfolio Budget Statements. The Ministry operates on an annual budget of roughly $36 million, and employs over 1,400 people. In addition to budgetary and fiscal management, Catalino is also responsible for the preparation and distribution of quarterly performance reports, and the installation and maintenance of the Ministry's financial tracking system. Catalino worked his way through various promotions within the Ministry over the past ten years before finally becoming Director in 2007. He attended high school in Pohnpei, at Ponape Agriculture and Trade School (PATS)--where, much later, PITI's Jason Aubuchon spent his first two years as a Jesuit Volunteer in Micronesia, teaching English and math. Catalino then went on to attend the University of the South Pacific in Fiji, where he eventually received a degree in Management Studies.

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