Carri-Lee Magalei

Carri-Lee has been working with the American Samoa Department of the Treasury since mid-2003, first as a Management Analyst with the Tax Office, and for the last year and half, as a Senior Accountant in the General Accounting Division. Carri-Lee has now spent a total of twelve years working in public service in American Samoa, beginning as a high school teacher in 1995. In her current position, Carri-Lee focuses on process improvement and improving internal controls. Specifically, she assists with developing account information to prepare annual financial statements and the MD&A. In addition, she reviews monthly reconciliations and is responsible for developing and implementing corrective action plans to eliminate audit qualifications. Together with Heidi Leasiolagi, who will also be participating in the ELDP, Carri-Lee supervises seven employees. Carri-Lee attended Brigham Young University, where she received her Bachelor's in Information Systems. She is due to complete an MBA in December via the University of Phoenix Online.

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