Steven George

Steven currently directs the Department of Resources & Economic Affairs for the State of Kosrae in the Federated States of Micronesia. With over fifty (50) employees working for him, Steven's office manages a wide variety of programs, including fisheries, agriculture, marine resources, land management, trade & investment, plant conservation and quarantine, housing development, community affairs, and small business development. As the resident economist, Steven also sets state-wide economic policy, including spearheading a major fiscal reform program in 2007 that resulted in an overall financial adjustment of $1.6 million--roughly nine percent of the state GDP. Steven graduated with an economics degree from the University of Hilo in Hawaii. He then went on to receive a post-graduate certificate in economics from the University of Colorado, and finally a Masters in Economics from Williams College in Massachusetts. Steven's previous positions include work with a resident economic advisory team at the FSM National Government, and high-level management work with both the FSM Development Bank and the Micronesian Petroleum Corporation. With a diverse work background and broad management responsibilities, Steven has very little time to fish these days. We look forward to Steven's contributions to the ELDP.

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