Joseph Saimon

Joe currently serves as the Chief of Staff for the Pohnpei State Governor. In this capacity, he directly supervises fifteen (15) employees that are closely associated with the Governor's Office. As Chief of Staff, Joe indirectly supervises all members of the Governor's Cabinet and works collaboratively with all departments. He is known for making direct contact with division chiefs and regular employees of Pohnpei State Government (PSG). Joe is known for his great concern for service to the public which led to his receiving of the Governor's endorsement to issue a memorandum to all employees prohibiting social networking during working hours and focusing on customer care. Before becoming the Chief of Staff, Joe was appointed Lt. Governor for three months towards the end of the previous Administration. As Lt. Governor, he started an initiative to remove barriers between offices of the government by visiting all departments and inviting employee feedback.

Joe graduated from National University in San Diego, California, attending a one-year, intensive, web-based education program that earned him a Master's Degree in Instructional Technology. Joe earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in his double majors of History/Politics and Journalism from the University of the South Pacific in Suva, Fiji. Joe graduated from Xavier High School and received the prestigious Bishop Vincent Kennally Award.

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