Heidi Sigrah

Heidi currently serves as an Administrator for the Division of Economic Management and Planning under the Department of Resources and Economic Affairs in the Kosrae State Government. She oversees two staff, and together, her team of three coordinates all State economic planning activities. Some of these activities include monitoring of the Kosrae State Strategic Development Plan, preparation of project control documents to execute funding support for economic development projects, and preparation of proposals that would support private sector development. Additionally, Heidi also serves as the secretariat for Kosrae State Infrastructure Project Implementation Program. As secretariat she assists the committee in bringing in project funds, and monitoring these projects once executed. At times, Heidi is requested to be a spokesperson for smaller groups both at State and Municipal levels. In 2014, Heidi's presentation for the Kosrae Women Association during the FSM National Women's Conference won Kosrae an opportunity to propose a gender-related project that would support the aspirations of Kosrae women. Later in 2015, her presentation on the implementation of the Kosrae Strategic Development Plan during a Leadership conference resulted in the overall improvement of implementation side of the plan.

Heidi graduated from Park University in 2012 with a degree in Economics, and since then has been actively working in the field. When Heidi isn't performing her duties to the government, she is enjoying her quality time with her 10 month old daughter. For Heidi, her role as a mom is what motivates her to do well in all her other duties.

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