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Planning for Successful Audits

Course Description 

Auditors have limited resources to carry out audits and it is imperative that audit offices
employ good practices to ensure they are auditing the right topics in the most efficient way
possible. This course provides auditors with an understanding of the key attributes associated
with planning an effective audit and ensuring that it addresses the critical issues for the
entity being audited. Sessions will include interactive lectures, case studies and discussion of
current audits to enable participants to best implement course concepts in their audit work.

What You Will Learn 

The 3-day course will focus on planning concepts and techniques. Topics include: audit
selection techniques, audit scoping techniques, objective setting, and criteria development.
It will also include discussion on the execution and reporting of audit engagements that
ensure good audit alignment, the identification of good audit findings and the development of
meaningful recommendations. New developments will also be introduced. Participants at all
levels will have an opportunity to discuss their own audits and identify opportunities to apply
practices that will enhance the efficiency and quality of future audits.

Who Should Attend 

This course is designed for public audit professionals managing and delivering performance
audits where Yellow Book standards are used.

Tuition Fees

With funding support from the United States Department of the Interior, Office of Insular
Affairs, courses are available free of charge for government accountability professionals
within the insular areas. The course fee is waived and there is no cost to register and attend,
Professionals who do not meet the above criteria, please contact info@pitivit.org.